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I'm a junior at the University of Wisconsin studying computer science and applied math. I try to find the ways what I'm learning in my math classes can help me build better software systems. On a less technical note, I have experience running student organizatons and leading hackathons. I'm also obsessed with watching programming conference talks. Here are some of my favorites.

I'm super interested in full stack web app engineering, and I find the challenges of organizing intricate user interfaces just as fascinating as building the backend services that support them. Managing application complexity is really hard. That's why I try to write modular, functional code wherever possible and am always on the lookout for new ways make my programs more simple and readable.


Intern Developer May - January

I've had the chance to work on everything from high-traffic, production web apps to framework tooling. I'm responsible for, among other things, launching the Ionic Cloud Wish List and developing a backend system used to update, process, and sync user avatars with Amazon S3. I also get to use some pretty awesome tech including: Angular, Node, Express, Django, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and Docker.

University of Wisconsin Internet of Things Lab

Undergraduate Researcher September - December, 2015

Helped build Smart Gym, a way to digitally track repetitions on various types of workout equipment using a microcontroller and appropriate sensors. I engineered the hybrid mobile application that displayed analytics based on the fitness data collected.


Software Engineering Intern May - August, 2015

I developed a variety of internal web apps, including software responsible for determining bonuses of the 500+ employees. Optimized SQL queries on several mission critical systems increasing performance by over 1000x.


A modern file browser that puts content and communication in one place. I primarily worked on the messaging system and UI for the Electron app and built it out using Socket.IO. Won first place at the Qualcomm Innovation Competition and received over $12k in funding.

A single page web application for creating and sharing podcast playlists. Built on React, Redux , and React Router with Express and MongoDB powering the backend.

A chrome extension for the University of Wisconsin course selection website that pulls in RateMyProfessor analytics to display as you select classes. Over 500+ active users.

A web app that uses AI to predict what movie in theaters you would be most interested in seeing. Built using a neural network that trains on user submitted movie ratings.

A command line tool for managing and quickly opening different groups of websites. Speeds up typical workflow of opening whatever sites needed for the task at hand. Written in Node.

An open source project built to demonstrate Node implementations of common CS algorithms. Developed as a tool to make learning algorithms more approachable for those coming from a JavaScript background.



What I use daily in work and play. My bread and butter.


JavaScript's immense expresivity, as well as its blending of functional and object oriented programming make it extremely versatile. On the frontend I have experience in React, Redux, React Router, and Angular. On the backend I use Node.js and Express. I also enjoy building cross platform desktop apps in Electron.


What I'm fascinated by and currently dabbling in.


Go has been occupying more and more of my time for lower level work. Whether for APIs or for my operating systems and networks coursework, Go is proving to be a super useful tool for easily managing highly performant, concurrent projects.


My interest in Elixir grew out of a desire to tackle a more purely functional language. With its unique concurrency model and superb speed, Elixir has been an awesome way to learn more about scaling services.


Previous experience to varying degrees.






B.S. Computer Science, B.S. Applied Mathematics

Relevant Classes

Networks, Operating Systems, Software Engineering, Cryptography, Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence


Dean's List multiple semesters


Events Team Lead

In charge of leading the team responsible for organizing all activities including the school's largest innovation competition where over 30 teams compete for more than $50,000.



Ran the University of Wisconsin's largest and only MLH sanctioned hackathon. We had over 300 participants from more than 20 states and multiple countries.

Hackathons: HackMIT, Angular Attack (judge), UncommonHacks, HackIllinois, WildHacks, MadHacks (organizer)

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