Fitness Tracking for the Weight Room

Smart Gym tracks weights and reps on various fitness equipment. All of which is displayed in a mobile application with analytics.

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The Tech

Arduino Yun

The device on gym equipment is an Arduino Yun coupled with an accelerometer and pressure sensor.


Parse was used as the backend for storing all user data as well as information collected from the Arduino.

Inoic Framework

Ionic, a hybrid mobile application framework, was used to develop the smartphone application.

Developed By

Brian Dennis

Computer Science, Applied Mathematics

Interested in web development, Brian worked on the hybrid mobile application, website, and setting up the database.

Alex Valaitis

Computer Science, Economics

Alex helped develop the business strategy, pitch and product design, in addition to leading testing.

Jake Dexheimer

Computer Science, Computer Engineering

Aside from producing all of the design needed, Jake worked on the mobile application, as well as the back-end.

Xiao He

Computer Science, Computer Engineering

Xiao helped mount the sensors as well as develop code for the Arduino and mobile application.

Christian Krueger

Computer Engineering

The main Arduino dev, Christian wrote most of the programming for the microcontroller and calibrated the device.

Jake Bergal

Computer Engineering

Jake assisted in the development of the Arduino code and sensor manipulation.